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Ebony and Ivory Croc Bridle

Ebony and Ivory Croc Bridle

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  • Black and White Stone Browband: Elegance meets sophistication with our stunning black and white stone browband, a perfect blend of timeless style and eye-catching brilliance that complements the ebony and ivory theme.
  • Patent Crocodile Noseband: Crafted with precision and style in mind, the patent crocodile noseband adds a touch of exotic luxury while providing your horse with the support and control they need, ideal for dressage enthusiasts and beyond.



Introducing our Ebony and Ivory Croc Classic Bridle, where classic sophistication meets contemporary elegance. This bridle is designed to elevate both your riding experience and your horse's comfort to new heights.

However, what truly sets this bridle apart is the striking black and white stone browband. It's a true masterpiece, catching the light and adding a touch of brilliance to your horse's appearance, all while beautifully complementing the ebony and ivory theme.

But we haven't stopped there. The patent crocodile noseband not only exudes exotic luxury but also provides exceptional support and control. It's perfect for dressage enthusiasts who demand both style and function.


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Customer Reviews

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Chloe Lee
Functional Art

The bridle I received exceeded all my expectations. It's not just functional, it's also a work of art. You can tell each piece is made with care and knowledge of what dressage horses need.

Madison Harris
Elegant and Comfortable Fit

Took a chance on this dressage bridle, and I couldn't be happier. It fits my gelding like a glove, and he seems much more comfortable. Plus, it's added a touch of elegance to our tack. A must-have for the serious competitor!


Do You send proofs or previews before printing my horse portrait?

In an effort to get your order to you as efficiently as possible, we do not offer artwork previews or proofs. But don't worry! If your provided photo won't make the best portrait, we’ll reach out to you for a new one. Be sure to review Image Guidelines here .

Can I Change My Order After It's Place?

Yes! We are happy to help with changes to your pet portrait order as long as you reach out to within 24 hours of your order being placed. 

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3.) Avoid overhead or blurry photos.

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